Assuring applicability, reducing time-to-market and creating win-win solutions can only be done with the right partners. For all developments I-Botics strives for full value chain involvement and active participation with relevant stakeholders.

1. Technology provider

Technology providers develop and provide crucial (wearable) robot components and modules. I-BOTICS cooperates with technology providers in order to enhance robot performance.

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2. Robot Manufacturers / System Integrators

i-BOTICS jointly develops robotic solutions for specific applications and challenges together with robot manufacturers and system integrators.


3. Service Providers

Service providers play a crucial role in the development of robotic solutions and implementation. I-BOTICS and service providers jointly assure operational effectiveness and efficiency.

4. End users

Needs and requirements are often set by end-users who will implement robotic applications to optimize business performance. By joint initiatives of end-users, i-BOTICS and other value chain parties, applicability of the solutions is guaranteed.

5. Other stakeholders

Important stakeholders such as community builders, branch organizations and governmental organizations play a vital role in (wearable) robot realization and acceptance.