Remote Operator Robotics

Full immersive control with blended reality, intuitively controlled manipulators and increasing autonomy.

Why Remote Robotics?

Arm- and back-support exoskeletons reduce the load on back and shoulders, but negative side effects may also occur (e.g. discomfort, pressure points, movement restriction). The big challenge now is to make exoskeletons work in practice.


What is the role of i-BOTICS?

1) Identifying company challenges to influence the co-design of field labs where next-generation exoskeletons integrate improvements. Improved exoskeleton benefits are validated in end-user pilots sites.
2) Informative workshops for SMEs and large comapnies where exoskeleton experts present and receive feedback on tools to support SME decision making in exoskeleton adoption.
3) Transnational benchmarking to accelerate industrial exoskeleton standardisation (Needed for SME decision making).

Partners of Remote Operator Robotics