The Innovation Hub for Research, Development and Implementation for Interaction Robotics

The independent innovation hub is proudly initiated by TNO and University of Twente. It aims to develop knowledge and technology for value adding Robotic solutions. I-Botics organizes cooperation with Industry partners in the full value chain and Governmental organizations. If you are looking for technology developments that will boost your business, feel free to contact i-Botics.

Our applications

Although the technologies that are developed in i-Botics are generic, we focus on three primary application areas.

Enhancing subsea robotics

Full immersive experience with intuitive manipulation for ROV and increased Autonomy capabilities for AUV

Remote operator robotics​

Full immersive control with blended reality, intuitively controlled manipulators and increasing autonomy.

Wearable robotics

Developing, evaluating and implementing wearable robotics in the real work setting for workload reduction, employees’ support and increased productivity

i-BOTICS is primarily working with...

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