i-Botics and Partners jointly develop technologies to advance underwater operations and asset management

Within the i-Botics program line “Enhance Subsea Robotics”, the SURE Program has been initiated. SURE stands for SUbsea enhanced REality. The program has been initiated by TNO / i-Botics, Boskalis and Rijkswaterstaat and currently exists of nineteen partners. Below you can read the program outline. If you would like to learn more about the SURE program, please contact i-Botics.


The subsea environment is challenging for man and machine. One of the major factors that makes underwater operations difficult is limited visibility, both for manned and unmanned operations. It also effects underwater asset management and structural integrity assessment.

To overcome this ROVs and even divers are equipped with a wide variety of sensors for the navigation and for sensing the underwater environment.

The sensors provide valuable information about the current state of objects and assets, but  there lies a major challenge in accuracy and completeness of the information due to the lack of GPS, variable ocean currents and the limited and highly variable quality of optical information. On top of this, the parallel interpretation of sensor data poses a serious challenge.

Both for ROV/AUV operation and for Asset management enhanced situational awareness is desired.


A 3D blended environment based on multi-sensory input including AI to understand the environment and be able to act (real-time).

This blended reality vision system with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), will provide the asset manager and the operator with optimal Situational Awareness (SA) leading to improved control, inspection and manipulation capabilities.


To develop a blended reality vision system for ROVs and AUVs, i-Botics has a dedicated development program consisting of several phases, with the project title “SUbsea enhanced REality” (SURE).

i-Botics has chosen for an agile approach in the SURE project, with valuable intermediate deliverables, working towards the final objective.

Benefits for partners

A relatively low investment with a high value outcome. Seamless and intuitive integration of sonar, video and other data will greatly facilitate under water operations.

Technology providers
: Gain knowledge and technological solutions, which they can provide to ROV builders and ROV users

ROV suppliers: Enhance own systems and total solution for ROV users

Service providers: Can provide better asset management services, Improved operation efficiency, safety and operator experience. Thereby reduced costs.

End-customers: Optimize Asset Management, reduce operation time, thereby reduced costs and shorter downtime.

i-Botics underwater operations and asset management - partners
i-Botics project partners

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