Intermediate update, with information about the live stream

Yesterday, we qualified! And by the looks of it, we qualified as 2nd out of 17 teams. First off, congrats to the insane amount of effort by the team to get to this point, as you might have read in our report yesterday, the network is very unstable…

Read all about that here: Day 9 – ANA Avatar XPRIZE – Are we even allowed to go the finals…? – i-BOTICS

Points in qualification count for only one thing (apart for being allowed to perform in the finals ofcourse!): The time of your finals run on day 1. This means we know our schedule now for the finals:


Team i-Botics Test run:

4-11-2022 – 17:00 PST (5-11-2022, 01:00, GMT+1 Amsterdam time)


Join or watch the finals event live – i-BOTICS

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